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Three Revelations of "Innovation" Breakthrough in LED Panel

Release time:2016-06-06 14:13:22

Innovation, in the business world is almost a household word. In the West, more than 60% of the S & P 500 companies put "innovation" into the company's mission, and in the marketing, brand promotion, deliberately use the "innovation" the word. The same innovation is also the development of LED display industry, an important "vitality."
    "Innovation" wave swept, the transition is imperative
    The data show that in 2014 the number of LED enterprises in China more than 2 million, 2016 end of China's LED output value reached 521.6 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8% over 2015. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology in China, the scale is expanding, according to the relevant agencies predicted that the next few years, the global LED electronic display market demand will continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual growth rate will exceed 20% , The global led display market size will reach 30 billion US dollars, while China will be the most important manufacturing base.
    And we also see that a large number of screen enterprises get together, a lot of screen enterprises appear "income does not increase profit" phenomenon, in fact, in recent years a lot of screen enterprises have also embarked on the road of innovation and transformation. Whether it is listed on the screen business, or small and medium manufacturers, almost all of them to join the vigorous transformation of the tide which. So people are saying that enterprises must "innovation".
    However, people led the screen enterprises need what kind of innovation and how to achieve innovation?
    Three Revelations of "Innovation" Breakthrough in LED Panel
    Throughout the industry in some enterprises "innovation" successful transition, they have gradually found their own transformation of the road of innovation. And give us "innovation" practice the most important inspiration has three points:
    First, only focus on an industry or field, to be able to products, technology, customers and other aspects of the formation of accumulation, and then in the enterprise to upgrade and move to overseas markets take the initiative. For example, some companies have been focused on a certain segment of the market, its industry segments and representatives of the field, relying on the focus is to focus on the formation of a breakthrough focus on the strategy. And some companies also deep plowing the channel market, around the channel market continues to broaden the scope of services, it is clear that focus on the strategy is precisely the focus of these enterprises can quickly innovate one of the reasons for the success of the transition. This "focus" on the one hand makes it more able to understand and understand the customer's pain and difficulties, so as to help customers improve efficiency, control costs, promote conservation, enhance management capabilities, product and business innovation, on the other hand But also makes it able to have more profound technical and product experience accumulation, to develop in line with the law of the development of the industry, leading the direction of the development of the industry's products and services.
    Second, to enter the international market, the need for patent technology accumulation and continued independent research and development and innovation. In fact, China's display business experience has shown that the sea, only with independent intellectual property rights to be able to expand in the overseas initiative, otherwise it will be difficult.
    Third, to build their own "innovation" ecosystem, to create an industrial ecosystem is more important. For many enterprises, in the process of technological innovation and transformation, the biggest challenge is how to balance and maintain good suppliers, partners, customers and other industries in all aspects of relations and interests, while the external resources can be obtained from the external integration The To achieve these, to build an open and cooperative platform to create a multi-win environment can be 

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