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Ten years ups and downs Shenzhen LED industry is ushered in the warmer and new students?

Release time:2015-05-12 14:10:56

Shenzhen LED industry was once synonymous with China's LED, it has a perfect industrial chain, the largest domestic LED packaging and display production base, as well as the country's largest LED listed companies cluster.
In 2009, Shenzhen took the lead in the domestic release of the first LED industry development special plan, proposed to Shenzhen "built the country and the world's major LED industry R & D and production base" by 2015 the industry scale of more than 130 billion yuan.
In 2016, the city's LED production value of the initial statistics exceeded 170 billion yuan, ranking first in the country, this output in 2007 is only 18 billion yuan. The same period last year, the national LED output value of 521.6 billion yuan, Shenzhen's output accounted for nearly 1/3
But before that, Shenzhen LED companies have experienced pains. In 2013, the above industrial planning was suddenly abolished. In the industry there are signs of excess, repeated cases of business failures, the Shenzhen LED industry was once cast a shadow.
After nearly a decade ups and downs, Shenzhen LED industry is ushered in the warmer and new students?
The 21st century economic reporter interviewed practitioners said that last year's situation is good, this year's downstream products have appeared several price cuts, but the overall pre-judgment, the market has experienced the adjustment of the past few years, the future will be more stable. Business is still the way out of continuous innovation, get rid of homogeneous competition.
At the same time, Shenzhen has also been equipped with the conditions of LED industry spillover. LEDinside research director Wang Fei told the 21st century economic reporter, Shenzhen as a national innovation city, seeking to improve per capita GDP, the future of Shenzhen should become the LED industry headquarters and research and development base.
Reshuffle the end of the market or welcoming
According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen currently has nearly 2,300 LED lighting-related enterprises, accounting for half of Guangdong Province.
Shenzhen LED industry outward radiation
From the Shenzhen LED industry structure point of view, most companies gathered in the lower barriers to downstream LED, relatively homogeneous competition also led to industry in the supply and demand imbalance often experienced "shock".
2009, "Shenzhen LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015)" has been pointed out that the Shenzhen LED enterprises, in the downstream application products enterprises, packaging enterprises, supporting enterprises accounted for about 33%, epitaxial chips, etc. Upstream enterprises accounted for only 1%. In addition, from the industrial structure, the packaging, application and ancillary products accounted for about 30% of total sales, 60% and 9%, while in the upper reaches of the extension and chip share is less than 1%.
In 2013, Shenzhen to the "Government Gazette" in the form of the abolition of the LED industry planning. At that time, LED manufacturers believe that Shenzhen has gradually 100 million yuan LED business failures, the actual LED industry has emerged overcapacity, worried about the LED industry to become the second photovoltaic industry, perhaps the abolition of the Shenzhen government "planning" an important reason.

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