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Small pitch LED prospects have been optimistic about the fund managers have

Release time:2014-07-10 14:08:49

Recently, the small distance led industry leading technology continued to rise, in the last few months time from the lowest point began to rise, and through the line, the highest up 18%. Reporters interviewed a number of public offering, private fund managers, many fund managers are invariably said, very optimistic about the performance of this year's small gap, there are several fund managers that have been configured or is increasing the configuration of the industry.

Relevant statistics show that A shares of the small spacing of enterprises is not a lot, but most of the first quarter to achieve high growth. According to the days of wind securities research report, the industry's growth from last year has already begun, as of the first quarter, has been 5 consecutive quarters to maintain more than 50% high growth. The rapid growth of the small-pitch industry is mainly due to the rising efficiency of the LED display and the decline in prices, while the emerging markets such as the commercial and overseas markets are also rising rapidly. Therefore, Tianyun Securities expects the overall market growth rate from 2017 to 2019 Will remain at 40%.

Fund managers told reporters that the small gap industry this year, ushered in the performance of the outbreak period, the boom is very high, and this boom is expected to continue throughout the year. Some companies in the industry have released performance forecasts, high performance growth forecast is also confirmed that this high growth performance is expected to honor.

For fund managers, the more important is now the "mid-season", the performance of the cash is expected to be more clearly reflected in the stock price. Shanghai, a well-known growth fund manager told reporters that he was in the "mid-season" before the beginning of the layout in advance of this area, and in his layout, the market has also been in the "beautiful 50". He told reporters, "With the announcement of the performance of the disclosure of the company's performance itself will become more concerned about the market aspects." He believes that the reason why the market has been concerned about the "beautiful 50", the original intention of the market is uncertain Of the market to find the performance of certainty. Therefore, with the disclosure of the mid-year report, the so-called "beautiful 50" in those performance growth is less than expected stocks may be abandoned by the market, and those who are in the industry boom, and the performance can achieve substantial growth in the company may be better Performance.

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