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LED future development trend

Release time:2013-07-22 14:06:58

LED display industry developed rapidly, but also formed a new stage of development. Specifically divided into three stages:
1, LED display utility model stage: LED display with environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, high reliability and other characteristics gradually highlighted, and the last stage, LED display market is only to meet the needs of people, but in the LED display Screen products are not up to the requirements, but the quality off.
With the development of LED display, LED products now have a new breakthrough. At least than the previous stage and improve progress. Also developed a series of completely different from the traditional light source applications will be popular. LED display will appear more and more a development space. LED display is not just beautify the role of its change makes it more appropriate people work life bit by bit. Now the manufacturers to fight is in the design application and technology research and development advantages.
2, LED display intelligent control stage: With the LED display technology continues to progress and development, LED as a semiconductor industry, will also catch this high-speed train, to play its high controllable characteristics. From the family to the office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to the walk, from indoor to outdoor, have intelligent control of the LED display system will bring a higher level of human services. LED display industry will also be done by the product, to the design of products, to provide the overall solution of the course.
3, LED display replacement stage: As the LED display product features mainly reflected in the high luminous efficiency (low energy consumption), long life characteristics of this stage is the early development of LED display, so the price, the customer Seems to have a certain match. Of course the customer has an acceptance process, the customer in the use of habits and appearance of a transition and acceptance. So that customers understand the characteristics of LED display products, pick a section with energy saving and other characteristics. So that customers are easy to accept its relatively high prices, especially in commercial occasions, not to mention the customer is now the price is second, mainly in the quality to pass. So the manufacturers are now fighting in the quality of the price advantage. The screen display effect is higher, when the display refresh rate is insufficient, there will be scanning the horizontal line, you need to improve the LED display control system scan output technology, the LED display refresh rate is higher than the average camera shutter speed , In the camera shooting to eliminate the scan line.

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LED future development trend

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